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Techno (New York, US)

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March Madness!

College hoops aren't the only thing hot this time of year!

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The enigmatic Dj Bill has been and underground monster for the better part of the last two decades. As a Dj he began to come into his own with the Acid House explosion in the summer of '88. As time went on Bill found himself as one of the originators of the underground dance community. Known for being an innovative promoter and DJ who brought new sounds, performers and experiences into the growing underground dance scene. Bill was one of the first to bring acts like Ian Pooley, Chris Liberator, Pete Bones, DDR, Dave the Drummer, Tiga and Oliver Way to the states. His eye for talent, and ear for great music led him to discover some of the best stateside DJ's and artists as well, from introducing John Selway to Oliver Chesler and working with acclaimed electronic musician Marcell Marias (Teknosphere) in 1989 to exposing crowds to new talent like TJR and Ralphie C in the 90's. Bill continues to search for new sounds, artists and DJ's and bring their music to people through his events and performances as well as his involvement with Satellite. 2001's release of Bill's smashing Techno release, "Hardtrack" destroyed dance floors worldwide, receiving play by artists like Carl Cox and even DJ Dan. Hardtrack was included as the closing track on Frankie Bones's "Factory 303" CD release, and was the most successful of Bill's releases. Vertical didn't survive the tragic events of 9/11, but is returning in 2011. As a co-founder Satellite Productions (the precursor to Satellite Records) with Scott Richmond and Jonathan “Mr. Kleen” Kadish, Bill helped to lay the foundation of a stalwart of the underground music community. With the re-launch of Satellite as an online marketplace of more than just great music, and the return of Vertical Music Bill is once again set to bring forth great music, and Enlighten it for all to see. Co-Founder Translucent Productions, UpNorth Productions, Satellite Productions, Vertical Music Corp.

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Tech House


Track Title Artists Label Release Date
Release Title Remix Genre Share
Art The Buddah's Ear Ken Ishii Impact Mechanics 03/11/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check The Buddah's Ear Original Mix Version 1 Techno
Bill Kraemer: A killer from an all time great!
ET: Don't know how I missed this! :) ET
Art Take Me Away Adam Beyer Truesoul 03/04/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Take Me Away Alan Fitzpatrick Remix Tech House
ET: Total heat from this release!
Bill Kraemer: Alan Fitzpatrick remixing Adam Bayer, winning.
Art My Definition Of Hell Jan Hus Stimulant Recordings 03/05/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check My Definition Of Hell DJ XDream Delivered From Evil Mix (XDREAM USA) Tech House
Bill Kraemer: DJ X-Dream has been tearing NY up for two decades, he shows it here on this rework of a classic.
Thrill Me: Great rework of a classic!
Bill Kraemer: This think has some bass pulse to it!
Bill Kraemer: Filthy as all hell!
Art Grey Matter Space Dj'z Recode Musik 03/06/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Grey Matter EP Mark Broom Remix Techno
Bill Kraemer: Mark Broom remixing Space DJ'z is like a cold beer on a hot day!
Art The Man Who Knew Too Much Albert Kraner Crunch Control 03/07/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check The Man Who Knew Too Much EP Original Mix Techno
Bill Kraemer: Forget what you know, killer!
Art Smoker Sami FEIT 03/07/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Smoker Remixes Swallen Remix Minimal Techno
Bill Kraemer: Get that minimal funk on!
Art Tskuki Steve Conelli 1605 03/12/13 Miscellaneous Play Enqueue
Check Fade Out Original Mix Tribal House, Tech House
Bill Kraemer: Tribal Tech-House on 1605 is a pure joy.
Bill Kraemer: Total old school feel.